Automatic Aseptic Standards Carton Filling (Tetra Pack) Machine

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Salient Features:
  • Great appearance, nicely workmanship, using high quality steel for food uses, ensure the equipment life.
  • Packaging molding stability, adapt to various manufacturers of packaging materials, ensure that the benefits of all users.
  • Low loss rate packaging materials, ensure economic efficiency of our customers.
  • Precise measurements, low power consumption, saving manpower, very simple operation.
  • Large-screen interface, real human-computer interaction.
  • Each part of the components are made of well-known brands, the core components of all the world-class brand.
  • Advanced aseptic system through multiple protection environments and products. 8. Life time after-sale system to ensure that customers no worries.
  • Easy maintenance and low maintenance cost.
  • CE certificate and all high quality electronic parts

Project Details: 200ml, 5000 Cartons Per Hour 

PET PLAST INDIA, The leading manufacturer of would class PET Blowing Machine is entering in to new Vertical  of Tetra Pack Machines to meet the dynamically changing requirements of Packaging Industry. PET Plast India  is not only a technology company but also have strong Value system, and is always ready to go an extra mile to  help its customer grow, as the motto of the company is “We Grow, as our Customer Grow”. 

. The products are widely used in the packing field of milk, soya  milk, beverage, juice, wine and purified water, shampoo, liquid medicine filling etc

Our Filling Machine Advantages 

This machine is used for packing the UHT processed liquid food, including liquid milk, and  other non-gas beverage, juice, coffee, plant protein drinks, tea drinks ,wine etc. All products  hold a shelf life of 6 months.

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